Fabiano Soares

Starting as a junior in one of the coolest hair shops in his town in 1999, Fabiano remained a keen student but always focusing onto fashion icons.

He was invited to work for Hush-Hush in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, in 2002 where he had his two feet into media, fashion and TV.

Later in 2005 he decided to move to London to boost his career. Having been working for Michael Barnes for a year, it gave him more inspiration. He was shooting Underwater with Kiera and Lili Cole.

Since then he has been combining his own solo career with assisting hairdressers such as Malcolm Edwards, Matt Muhall or Sam McKnight, giving him a extensive knowledge that inspire him every day.

Fabiano has work for a diverse range of worldwide clients including Butress & Snatch, Tempo 4 or Courage beer and has contributed in magazines such as Dazed and Confused or Pop Magazine.